AccuSpeechMobile: Intelligent Mobile Voice Solutions for Seamless Warehouse Management

Robert P. Bova, Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer, President and Director, AccuSpeechMobileRobert P. Bova, Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer, President and Director
Till a decade ago, Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) could only provide simple storage location functionality. Currently, WMS applications have become so complex and data intensive that they require dedicated resources to maintain. However, regardless of its simplicity or complexity, the goal of WMS remains the same to provide management with the information needed to efficiently control the movement of materials within a warehouse.

Delivering superior solutions in the WMS sector, AccuSpeechMobile’s Intelligent Voice Client delivers all the voice capabilities for a wide variety of mobile workforce applications including Warehouse Management Systems, Field Service and other mobile workforce applications. Complete voice and automation capabilities optimize customer applications, solely from the mobile device avoiding any need for complex server-based voice integration. The AccuSpeechMobile solution is application agnostic, voice powering and automating thick-client, web-based or client-server applications, from devices running multiple operating systems. Based in Irvine, CA, AccuSpeechMobile substantially improves productivity, transaction accuracy and enhances safety to the mobile worker experience, while automating and streamlining warehouse management and other distribution operations.

When it comes to deploying WMS Voice, the distribution professionals have historically faced the issue of “risk versus reward” when considering older, complex and costly server-based proprietary voice implementations. AccuSpeechMobile has eliminated this risk/reward problem by replacing high cost server-integration with an affordable, intelligent and completely mobile approach. “At a time when large companies are seeking to continuously improve their process, workflow, as well as customer experience, AccuSpeechMobile provides a mobile solution that provides the best capital expenditure from a technology perspective—hardware, software, and process improvement,” states Robert P. Bova, President and CEO, AccuSpeechMobile.

“AccuSpeechMobile never really felt that voice technology would replace anything. We always felt that the ability to have multiple modalities of data input was going to be the future,” says Bova. The very reason behind the company using voice as the “silver bullet” to alleviate some of the challenges and augment the WMS arena is the idea of going hands-free, eyes-free, and voice-directed. It is, without a doubt, the strongest selling point of AccuSpeechMobile, not to mention the significant improvement in the barcode scanning arena where the will no longer be a need to look down at screens and try to decide what the next action should be.

AccuSpeechMobile provides a “zero touch” approach for delivering WMS voice productivity and automation with no changes to their WMS business processes and workflows, simplifying deployment and avoiding expensive IT overhead. “Our solution has a run-time license than runs on different types of devices, whether it is a PC, a rugged tablet, barcode scanner, or a smartphone. We also have a software development kit which is a critical piece of software that builds the voice enablement and automation capability for the application and the hardware,” adds Bova.

Over the years, the company has witnessed large hardware manufacturers in the barcode scanning arena turn to Android.

The AccuSpeechMobile voice productivity solution provides a completely device-based solution for voice enabling and automating existing web based, client-server and thick-client mobile workforce applications

“The ability to utilize the voice interface across multiple applications in a warehouse is a big benefit for customers; and since it is relatively easy to use and deploy, the implementation of voice is a lot faster,” notes Bova.

In addition to Android, there are instances of Software as a Service (SaaS) implementation of different types of WMS applications. “I believe that a small to medium sized company that has the capability to integrate SaaS model with a new WMS has the potential for an interesting analysis,” he adds.

Owing to the company’s prowess, AccuSpeechMobile has clients from various sectors, Cabela’s Foremost Outfitters, Oakley and Spears Manufacturing, as examples. Cabela’s for instance, was looking for effective voice solutions. “The company did not see why a standard legacy voice system made sense for an implementation. When we came onboard, it all came down to adding voice to the client’s existing systems from the handhelds that they were using avoiding the risk to their server architecture that was exactly what they wanted to hear,” says Bova. Cabela’s learned how to utilize the technology and now they have more than a dozen apps, over 1500 handheld devices voice enabled with those apps in all of their distribution centers.

AccuSpeechMobile’s objective has always remained the same while providing solutions to their clients optimize their applications and meliorate it, but without changing any code. “Our company doesn’t write applications, it simply power automates everyone else’s applications,” remarks Bova. AccuSpeechMobile looks into the different types of applications that their clients want voice enabled, analyzes the screens and error messages, the different workflows, and finally works with them and demonstrates the effectiveness of AccuSpeechMobile’s toolkit and the capability of power automation all without trying to change the applications in any manner.

Evolving with technology over the years, AccuSpeechMobile continues to deliver advanced solutions, transforming businesses in many of the warehouse management industries, healthcare, retail, field services, and government. Commenting on the company’s future plans, Bova says, “We have spent a great deal of time here extend¬ing our reseller channel, so we will continue to expand it. We have also signed an agreement with Printronix which will provide AccuSpeechMobile the access to their inter national reseller channel. Additionally, AccuSpeechMobile will soon be supporting iOS as we feel that there may be an interesting market for Apple technology.” Talking about the Internet of Things (IoT) and its impact on the WMS space, Bova believes that there is an opportunity for companies that build different types of hardware devices to connect it to an IoT network within a warehouse. “It seems to me that IoT is really a way for WMS to continue to manage the assets, and look at areas where there is potential for improvement,” he adds. While staying up to speed with the latest technological trends, the company is keen on continuing to focus on voice enabling different processes.