Akatia Technologies: A New Frontier in Warehouse Management

Akatia Technologies: A New Frontier in Warehouse Management

Abdellah Bellahssan, CEO, Akatia TechnologiesAbdellah Bellahssan, CEO
Cloud warehousing proves to be a key enabler for organizations to tackle the growing data volumes, service-level expectations, and integration of warehouse data. Despite knowing the benefits of cloud computing, a majority of the organizations in the warehousing and logistics space are hesitant to take a leap into the cloud arena. Most of them are still saddled with antiquated and siloed warehouse management systems such as Excel spreadsheets to track the incoming and outgoing inventory, manage employees and their related tasks, which often lead to human errors. On top of that, warehouses use different applications for each process, because of which they often fail to get a holistic data report from diverse areas of the business. In this scenario, what customers need is a reliable tech-savvy partner, who can not only offer a robust, automated warehouse management solution but also guide them throughout their cloud journey. Enter Akatia Technologies.

A promising warehouse management partner, Akatia Technologies brings to the table a state-of-the-art warehouse management application (WAM) that can seamlessly manage the complete supply chain operations and provide a 360-degree view of the warehouse and its resources. From implementation, customization and data migration to training, the company assures full support to customers at every step of their way. “Our ultimate aim through our easy-to-use software is to consolidate and automate all the warehouse processes including finance and billing while increasing productivity and eliminating tedious, overlapping, and redundant tasks,” states Abdellah Bellahssan, CEO of Akatia Technologies.

“Giving customers the technology is not sufficient. It should be flexible enough to sustain their processes,” says Tom Robinson, Marketing Manager. Akatia’s WAM is built completely on the Salesforce platform, which allows customers to manage inventory across multiple warehouses and integrate all aspects of the business into one simple, totally customizable platform.

Further, the increasing drive toward online shopping has added another layer of complexity to the supply chain.

Tom Robinson, Marketing Manager

Akatia addresses these challenges by delivering a flexible and adaptable tool that is designed to overcome the complexities of ecommerce order fulfillment. Akatia’s purpose-built mobile application assists in evolving warehouse management by eradicating manual labor and paper-based tracking processes. Through mobile-based applications, warehouses can process the orders and packages much faster while facilitating the whole range of warehouse functions from picking and packaging, to labeling and shipping. “We also offer end-to-end tracking using scanning devices to identify each item with a unique code,” asserts Bellahssan. Warehouse managers also get access to a dashboard where they can view comprehensive reports on employees’ current and future tasks and make informed decisions based on the reports.

We license our program and the customer pays a monthly license fee for the usage of the program, which results in huge cost saving in the long run

The company takes a unique approach to meet the customer needs. Initially, when a customer approaches Akatia for assistance, their well-equipped team sets up a demo program that will help customers visualize how Akatia’s WAM system can aid their business. Subsequently, the team gathers a detailed understanding of the background of the company, their pain points, goals, and business objectives to deliver customized solutions that meet customers’ requirements. Typically, setting up an entire ERP structure at warehouses can have huge upfront costs. Akatia Technologies offers warehouse solutions in a cost-efficient way. “We license our program and the customer pays a monthly license fee for the usage of the program, which results in huge cost saving in the long run,” emphasizes Bellahssan.

Bellahssan believes that Akatia’s appetite for innovation has been the greatest driver behind its growth. To this end, Akatia is presently working on integrating their WAM platform with artificial intelligence to automate the entire warehouse process spanning from billing and finances to label creation.

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Akatia Technologies

Montreal, Quebec

Abdellah Bellahssan, CEO and Tom Robinson, Marketing Manager

Akatia Technologies believes in two core principles integration and fluidity. With their warehouse management software, they aim to integrate all aspects of their customers’ business, consolidating processes and eliminating unnecessary clutter. Akatia aims not merely to track inventory but enhance vendor to client communications, provide real-time delivery tracking at every stage of transit, invoicing and finances, eliminate overhead costs as well as using predictive analytics to better forecast business needs. Founded in 2013, Akatia Technologies is a privately held company headquartered in Montreal, Quebec. Some of the specialties of the company include 3PL, Warehousing, Salesforce, Supply Chain Management Software, Inventory, and Planning