Datapel Systems: New Age Warehouse Management

Adam Wesley, Founder & Managing Director, Datapel SystemsAdam Wesley, Founder & Managing Director
“With the E-Commerce pivot, companies are shipping an increased volume of smaller orders to a wider variety of customers sprawled across broad geographies,” says Adam Wesley, Founder and Managing Director of Datapel Systems. Wesley, who has over two decades experience in the IT landscape, with 10 years working specifically on warehouse workflow solutions, believes that business systems must support warehouse workers by realizing the accurate shipment of orders while minimizing order fulfillment time.

To address this requirement Datapel has developed cost effective WMS and inventory control software that “Adds On” to existing SMB accounting and ERP solutions. This offers growing wholesalers, manufacturers and distributors high levels of warehouse efficiency. “Our customers need not buy an entirely new system as Datapel software is designed to easily integrate with their existing system, directly addressing the core processes needing efficiency improvements,” states Wesley.

The company focuses on streamlining order management workflows, enabling the rapid selection and shipment of goods to customer. The software facilitates transparency into operations through real-time status and alert updates allowing management to quickly spot and correct any bottlenecks. With powerful search capabilities to identify products by item SKU, name, batch and barcode immediately – back order management becomes fast and effective. Further, with an intelligent, rule-based stock allocation system, Datapel supports best practice stock rotation workflows tailored to suit the needs of specific industry verticals. From high technology electronics distributors to chemical compounding pharmaceutical manufacturers Datapel provides functional benefits like full stock article tracking, improved stock put-away, centralized administrative management and prioritized order fulfillment to reducing average Pick to Ship times, spoilage and shrinkage costs. With high transparency into overall warehouse processes, and expert consulting services the firm helps warehouse managers get the answers they need—with no time delays.

Our customers need not buy an entirely new system as Datapel software is designed to easily integrate with their existing system, directly addressing the core processes needing efficiency improvements

Datapel also offers Inventory Controller XE (ICXE), an optional stand alone advanced stock control solution incorporating RF scanning hardware, which helps larger businesses across 3PL, wholesale, retail, logistics and manufacturing to deliver comprehensive stock control features in a wide variety of industries. “ICXE is an advanced inventory management system incorporating best-practice processes for effortless management of inventory selection and warehouse stock counts,” explains Wesley. “This solution best suits customers planning to go paperless by adding wireless mobility, barcode scanning workflows into their warehouse.” Flexible enough to work with any ERP system, the software product also facilitates wireless communication with Android mobile touch screen devices. Datapel has partnered with Ivanti (formerly Wavelink) to deliver Velocity – a new generation of mobility software that allows legacy systems to adopt touch screen devices into the warehouse environment.

Wesley describes yet another challenge for distributors when it comes to introducing a new WMS platform—the software implementation process. “Our customers cannot afford the time investigating latest industry trends, best practices and other adjunct solutions. We bring all these elements to them in a simple to understand manner,” explains Wesley. Over and above that, the firm also ties robust consulting services as part of their solutions.

As a dedicated software and service company, Datapel has provided the Asia Pacific region with their unique WMS solutions for over 10 years. Moving ahead, “We are incorporating real time communication systems into our solutions, engaging latest chatbot technology, to enable quick and automated alert notification messaging to workers and managers,” says Wesley. As leaders in best practice warehouse management solutions, Datapel also sees a massive future in the augmented reality space around warehouse management. “We have innovative projects under development in this regard and are planning to launch some of them this year,” concludes Wesley.