Datex Corporation: Affordable Warehouse Management with Robust Functionality

Datex Corporation: Affordable Warehouse Management with Robust Functionality

Established in 1978, Datex Corporation began as a solution provider to the hardware industry, partnering with industry leading manufacturers. Datex hardware experts would listen carefully, use their knowledge of industries, best practices and similar clients to help select hardware for each client to provide the desired result and meet expectations. Over the time, the firm expanded its expertise from hardware solutions to providing best-of-breed software tools for warehousing, supply chain management and inventory management for third party logistics, warehousing and distribution service providers and manufacturers. Adopting the latest technology from Microsoft, the firm develops complete end-to-end software solutions for inventory management using in house developers.

Datex’s flagship Warehouse Management Software—Detex FootPrint—provides seamless visibility of inventory whenever it enters the warehouse gate until it leaves the facility. This helps in streamlining the flow of inventory as soon as it enters the warehouse yard. With the improved inventory visibility from the initial point of delivery, the solution allows for greater planning, control, and system efficiency. The Datex FootPrint allows inventory management with real time visibility, sophisticated reporting tools, track-and-trace, and streamlined automated operational processes.

Once partnered, Datex WMS experts learn the client business and then assist in adapting a warehouse management system depending on their requirements. The Datex workflow designer empowers companies to take charge of their operations for customizing the process without making any costly changes to the client’s software. “Our team is highly skilled at evaluating business needs and requirements and advising companies on using leading edge technology for improving the profitability,” says Michael Armanious, VP of sales, and marketing, Datex. The firm also provides personalized attention for 3PL and warehousing business, with improved customer service. Designed with a similar Microsoft consumer interface, the Datex WMS is user friendly, easy to learn and master. The solution also has a built-in yard management, Trans Load or Cross Docking, container management as well as a Dock Door Appointment Scheduling system further simplifying the warehouse management process.

Our team is highly skilled at evaluating business needs and requirements and advising companies on how to use leading edge technology to help improve the profitability

Datex has been a valued partner to many of the industry leading logistic companies including cold storage industries ever since its inception. In an instance, Datex assisted a leading cold storage provider—Eskimo Cold Storage. The client found out that their in-house designed application was not providing them with accurate inventory levels. This issue began affecting the firm’s reputation as well as the level of customer satisfaction. With over 2 months since the opening of their facility, the company needed to quickly find a solution that would satisfy their needs and those of their clients. Datex provided the company with real-time information of the inventory available in the warehouse, the status of each product, and its location. From the time the inventory is scanned during the receiving process until it is shipped, Eskimo will be able to know the exact location, quantity, Lot ID, product id, and owner. During the inbound and outbound process, the system will be able to capture temperatures, Lot ID, expiration date, weight, volume, and all the information needed for a business in the cold storage industry.

For over three decades, clients have relied on Datex as an inevitable business partner. The firm is working hard to continually improve its software to meet the dynamic needs of the industries and clients it serves. “With hundreds of successful WMS software implementations under our belt, our team is very knowledgeable about helping businesses. We look forward to help improve the business performance of our clients,” concludes Armanious.