HighJump Software: Supply Chain Accelerated

Businesses adopting e-commerce and omni-channel retail model seek newer ways of handling logistics processes so as to meet customers’ needs within the speculated delivery time and gain their loyalty. “Discussions with our customers have made it clear that omni-channel is a catalyst for rethinking their supply chain and its underlying technology,” says Michael Cornell, CEO, HighJump Software. Keeping in tune with the customer needs in the supply chain domain, the experts at Minneapolis, MN-based HighJump have engineered an out-of-the-box Warehouse Management System (WMS) with a “switch-driven functionality” to equip enterprises of all sizes with process-driven workflows and streamlined supply chain execution. The ‘agile development methodology’ at the heart of HighJump’s innovative supply chain technologies, enables enterprises to promptly respond to market needs and meet strategic business goals.

Scalability through Seamlesly Integrable Applications

HighJump’s exhaustive range of supply chain execution solutions has been built atop a robust warehouse management foundation to help clients reap greater benefits within and beyond the warehouse. Built on a web-centric platform, the HighJump WMS offers enterprises exceptional scalability through seamlessly integrable modules and applications. The adaptability tools offered by the firm render full control of HighJump WMS to clients, allowing them to stick to their budgets and make changes based upon their immediate needs. In addition, HighJump WMS is Unicode-enabled and features advanced multi-lingual support for clients’ multinational facilities and supply chain processes. Also, HighJump WMS comes equipped with an easy-to-use and consistent web interface, making it effortless for the warehouse staff to train and use the solution.

Optimizing Warehouse Processes

HighJump’s workflow driven WMS also hosts an Advanced Event Engine that proffers powerful tools to help employees deliver and update real-time information. The engine allows the WMS to track new orders, receipts and bills, and identify customers based on the user defined criteria to generate emails, text messages, workflows, and database updates. The HighJump WMS also features extensible performance reporting capabilities incorporated through a powerful report application. In addition to enhancing the core reporting capabilities of an enterprise, the Report application delivers the latest performance reports while allowing for efficient user definable reporting extensions.

"Designed to empower organizations with low-cost business processes and accommodate their need for supply chain efficiency and enhanced customer experiences, HighJump WMS also offers the lowest total cost of system ownership in the industry"

Designed to empower organizations with low-cost business processes and accommodate their need for supply chain efficiency and enhanced customer experiences, HighJump WMS also offers the lowest total cost of system ownership in the industry. The advanced features offered by HighJump WMS include optimized container packing functionality, slotting and re-slotting solution for optimized storage of goods, and wave and load planning capabilities. Additionally, the HighJump labor management solution helps enterprises plan, measure and monitor on-premise labor activities for increased efficiency. The visibility tools offer real-time data on performance actuals versus standard, KPIs and utilization, to help detect inefficiencies and guide corrective action.

Other key functionalities of HighJump WMS include system directed putaway, multiple bar code supported picking styles, container building, cartonization, repackaging, and voice and Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID).

The ‘agile development methodology’ at the heart of HighJump Software’s innovative supply chain technologies, enables enterprises to promptly respond to market needs and meet strategic business goals

The HighJump Platform is powered by Microsoft’s advanced workflow engine that empowers enterprises with the option of readily customizing the WMS for optimal results and easier upgrades.

Warehouse Management Simplified

HighJump caters to clients with minimal technical support needs, with a flexible and agile WMS version— HighJump Warehouse Advantage. The Warehouse Advantage solution is equipped with built-in support for automated material handling equipment and storage and retrieval systems. The benefits accorded by the Warehouse Advantage include optimized productivity, enhanced warehouse space utilization, and quality control for improved accuracy and truck load optimization. Recently, Lakeshore Learning Materials, a leading retailer of educational learning materials for elementary schools and homes, selected HighJump Warehouse Advantage to streamline their warehousing operations for a new 500,000 square-foot distribution center. The underlying flexibility of HighJump Warehouse Advantage will allow the client to cater more nimbly to their unique distribution network and diverse customer base that ranges from elementary schools to child care centers.

HighJump offers their customers with flexible deployment options where HighJump WMS is administered as an on-premise solution or cloud-delivered in a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model. The firm has a syndicated cloud content delivery network hosted in Microsoft Azure for a dedicated eLearning tool that enables users to share know-how through efficiently streamed videos and multi-lesson classes.

Seamless Integration with Major ERP Systems

Taking into account, how robust integration between a WMS and an ERP system is mission-critical for a business, HighJump offers predefined solutions and processes to tightly integrate HighJump WMS with a client’s ERP. The firm assigns a dedicated integrations team to proactively manage the integration process, and minimize implementation time and associated costs. HighJump’s configurable web services integration platform facilitates a “cross-functional liaison” between an enterprise’s warehouse and their ERP, order management, eCommerce or purchasing systems. HighJump WMS integrates with all major ERP solutions in the market to help businesses stay scalable and flexible without relying on additional resources to meet multi-line business operations needs and rising customer demands.

Mobile-Enabled Supply Chain Execution

With a dedicated tablet app built on an extensible UDF Framework, HighJump’s mobility solution facilitates inspection and reporting on the go. The functional enhancements offered through the HighJump Warehouse mobility app include augmented delivery and load building, enhanced container management, efficient new scheduled task management, and an advanced replenishment functionality. The HighJump mobile app supports enhanced integration with all HighJump’s warehouse management solutions to enable dynamic quality inspection, multi-carrier shipping, activity billing, document imaging, appoint scheduling, Integrated ASN manager, and label print manager.

HighJump recently launched a new mobile platform—HighJump Supply Chain Advantage inMotion— that supports omnichannel operations and in-store order fulfillment. The application has been designed to execute inventory and order fulfillment transactions using smartphones and other mobile devices. HighJump Supply Chain Advantage inMotion is iOS, Android, and Windows 10 compatible and helps businesses lower operational expenses and augment their workforce efficiency. “The future of enterprise software is in mobile, and this product release is an important step forward in our vision of the next generation of supply chain technology,” says Chad Collins, HighJump’s Chief Operating Officer. “The HighJump Supply Chain Advantage inMotion application is another tool that will allow our HighJump Warehouse Advantage customers to remain extremely successful in a hyper-competitive environment.”

Reinforcing Customer Success

Committed to delivering implementations in a timely, on budget, and on target fashion to meet the customer requirements, HighJump makes the delivery process predictable and tightly controlled in addition to applying the proven best practices in the industry. The firm offers ongoing training—instructor-led classroom training and eLearning courses—to prepare enterprise teams to operate and administer HighJump WMS on a daily basis. HighJump’s clients have the option to choose between onsite training and classroom training imparted through HighJump University. With a dedicated client management team that works with clients throughout the sales cycle, implementation phase, and post-implementation, HighJump proactively follows a two-way communication model for enhanced customer interactions.

Vertical Specific Expertise

With a clientele that spans multiple domains, HighJump specializes in delivering vertical-specific functionality and adaptability through solutions that meet the requirements of 3PLs, consumer goods, manufacturing, and retail and wholesale distribution/ industrial production. The company’s clientele includes some of the biggest names in businesses, such as Ashley Furniture, PepsiAmericas, Singapore Airlines, Yamaha Motor Corporation, USA and more. HighJump believes that the customers should expect—and receive—nothing but the highest quality, not only during the implementation of the projects, but also once these are up and running on the company’s solutions. The company’s core values are exemplified through the quality of work it does and the positive impact it continue to have on the customers’ success. HighJump fosters long term relationships with its customers, understanding their business needs and earning their trust. “We never compromise our quest to exceed our customers’ expectations,” concludes Cornell.

- Nisha Sahadev
    January 30, 2017