Integration Technologies: Managing Distribution Centers to Drive Efficiency in WMS

Mac Cutchins, Chairman and CEO, Intek Integration Technologies, IncMac Cutchins, Chairman and CEO
Companies today are operating in a space where it has become possible to monitor and track each part of their business processes. Optimizing each of these aspects is a must, if companies intend to stay relevant in the 21st century’s competitive environment.

The logistics department is even more accountable for optimizing, and industries today must rise up to the challenge of addressing optimal labor efficiency, space utilization, and accuracy of their business operations. Investing in a good Warehouse Management System (WMS) allows organizations to support their day-to-day operations, while enabling them to centrally manage tasks such as tracking inventory levels and stock locations. Intek Integration Technologies provides its clients with near one hundred percent operational and inventory accuracy that allow companies to significantly increase their labor efficiency and enable optimal utilization of available space.

Realizing that every company defies generalization in their own unique way, Intek built their products on a common code base, which allows them to fit the functionality of each offering to meet the individual needs of their customers with a standard product software offering. “That’s why our original software architecture was designed to be configuration table driven meaning both the functionality expressed and the order of process of our software is configurable,” says Mac Cutchins, Chairman and CEO, Intek Integration Technologies. With a design for business scaling from the smallest to the largest distribution operation, their Supply Chain Execution (SCE) software incorporates all of the operations taking place within a distribution center by combining Warehouse Control Systems (WCS) with WMS. This enables its clients to not only support the operational activities that personnel perform in the distribution center, but also the hardware that automates or facilitates those operations.

“From carousels, to weigh scales, to pick and place, to print and apply, to light picking, to put-to-light, to conveyor/ divert control, to ASRS, we have the drivers for almost every type and kind of distribution automation hardware that exists,” cites Cutchins.

In addition to taking advantage of the operational discipline to achieve extremely high accuracy and automate select processes, clients can also leverage their Warehouse Librarian Suite to optimize order flows in a variety of distribution center layouts and order profiles. With sophisticated unit of measure management and strategic order management functionality in their software, companies are able to efficiently and accurately manage their fulfillment strategies from e-commerce to retail and everywhere in between. “Distribution centers running our Warehouse Librarian suite are highly organized. Their inventory is dynamically and spatially managed, the aisles are clear, and the distribution associates are working efficiently without confusion” states Cutchins.

Maintaining efficiency in business process reflects in net performance, and this is highlighted in Intek Integration’s work with one of their clients who they’ve served for over a decade now. “They bought some used carousels and we worked with them to implement our software in their distribution operations to increase efficiency,”says Cutchins. Fostering an environment of trust, and with the confidence to execute, the company was able to acquire more businesses and continually deploy Intek’s software in their acquired operations, which helped them grow from a $30 million revenue business to nearly a one billion dollar revenue enterprise. As technologies keep evolving, so does the way ofhandling a given business operation. It’s important for companies to incorporate the latest technology trends in the logistics space like real-time dynamic slot management, complex order management, and forecasting.

By working with the latest technologies, like HPC computing and on-demand cloud compute resources with a plan for integrating them into their solutions, Intek Integration continues to offer its clients a standard, flexible and highly configurable product which can be expressed in different ways in various market verticals, and yet frees their customers from being locked into a one-off version which they can’t upgrade.