MH Engineered Solutions: A Smart Approach to Fulfilling Supply Chain Demands

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Scott Hennie, President, MH Engineered SolutionsScott Hennie, President
Beyond the shadow of a doubt, the COVID-19 pandemic has caused severe disruptions to supply chains worldwide, bringing forth a tectonic shift in the logistics industry. However, with a majority of businesses going online as a consequence of the pandemic, industries relying on supply chains have witnessed an urgent need to up their game and meet their clients’ and end-users’ requirements. These circumstances call for a highly-reliable partner that can swiftly procure and implement the right solutions based on the clients’ unique requirements, as well as steward resources well throughout the process.

Addressing this pressing demand is MH Engineered Solutions, a supply chain solutions provider that assists its clients in building innovative distribution and order fulfillment strategies while also designing smart warehouse layouts. “We help our clients by either solving business challenges or assisting them through strategic objectives and initiatives with automated material handling solutions,” says Scott Hennie, President of MH Engineered Solutions.

What differentiates MH Engineered Solutions from competitors in the logistics arena is its consultative approach to engaging clients. Upon initiating a collaboration, the company conducts a comprehensive analysis of the clients’ automated material handling requirements instead of merely selling a product off the shelf. “We offer more than one solution at different price points or investment levels, with different degrees of payback or ROI,” adds Hennie.

Once the solution has been determined through mutual dialogues, MHES plays the role of a systems integrator and shoulders the responsibility of selecting the suppliers, procuring the solution, managing the project,

and assisting its clients in budgeting and scheduling operations. After the integration and implementation of the solution, MHES continues to help the client in operating the offered solution.

MH Engineered Solutions’ collaboration with a retail company stands as a testimony to its abilities in providing the best-in-business supply chain solutions. The client in question wanted to merge their e-commerce fulfillment and store replenishment operations into a single space that was previously carried out by two different facilities. MHES assisted the client in moving their e-commerce operations from the offsite facility to the distribution center. It integrated the material handling and the warehouse control systems with the client’s ERP and facilitated both the operations simultaneously in the same building. As a result, the client could make significant reductions to operational expenditures and thrive in their e-commerce business better than before.

  • We help our clients by either solving business challenges or assisting them through strategic objectives and initiatives with automated material handling solutions,” says Scott Hennie, President of MH Engineered Solutions.

MHES not only empowers its clients to thrive, but also aims to help its own employees pursue their passions. The company maintains a healthy work culture that upholds employee safety and equally emphasizes both professional and personal growth of its employees. To fulfill this objective, MHES’ parent company, MH Equipment, has established the His First Foundation.

Through this foundation, the company supports its employees’ charitable offerings in the periphery of faith, secular good works, and acts of kindness. One instance of the His First Foundation’s impact was seen when a community urgently needed financial support after being devastated by a tornado. The company utilized the His First Foundation’s funds to offer immediate relief to the affected community, supporting the company’s mission to support its employees’ charitable passions outside of the work environment.

MH Engineered Solutions is a company with a proven track record of passionate people striving to do what is in the best interest of its customers. It looks forward to finding the smartest approaches to improving automation and overhauling warehouse management functions in a continually-evolving world.

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MH Engineered Solutions

MH Engineered Solutions

Hudson, OH

Scott Hennie, President

From consulting and strategy to layout and design through project management, engineering, and installation, MH Engineered Solutions can help its clients identify which aspects of their business could be improved to maximize productivity, achieve business goals, and improve bottom-line performance.The company’s project managers and engineers work with its clients to develop custom solutions that streamline operations and enable growth. From simple storage and mechanization to fully automated and integrated systems, the company operates within the scope, budget, and schedule to refine and implement the right solutions for clients’ business needs