Suntek Systems:Freight Forwarding Management Software for True Visibility

MJ Kim, President, Suntek Systems IncMJ Kim, President
The past decade has seen a tremendous amount of consolidation in the Warehouse Management System (WMS) space. Today, leading companies demand freight forwarding, customs clearance, warehousing, and distribution services included in the consolidation service. “Software vendors today are facing challenges to implement all the requirements within one platform for visibility,” adds MJ Kim, President, Suntek Systems. Amidst the requirements, the companies are in crossroads between choosing on premise software for dedicated warehousing operations or the cloud system for the performance and single source of operation. Compiling both the requirements, Suntek Systems, a logistics and supply chain software company, provides software tools with visibility from simple warehousing to logistics process in both on-premise version for basic warehousing function and cloud version for single source of operation.

Suntek Systems in Irvine, CA, offers solutions for freight forwarding management, customs brokerage, order fulfillment, and manifesting to logistics solution providers such as freight forwarder, a Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier (NVOCC), and customs house broker. “Our solutions are developed based on Microsoft platform and we test new software components to enhance our solutions,” says Kim. Suntek implements software solutions that provide productive, informative and manageable supply chain solution in a fast-changing logistics industry. By utilizing a flexible supply chain platform, Suntek designs solutions based on customers’ complicated logistics process from order to delivery in a simple and innovative technology.

To engage freight forwarders into warehousing operation with forwarding job, the company proffers iFMS, a freight forwarding management software that provides the item-level cargo management feature and visibility. The software manages the international trade such as automated global shipping notice, supply chain visibility, information transparency, collaboration for partners, warehousing, and Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

Our solutions are developed based on Microsoft platform and we have evaluated lots of new software components to enhance our solutions

iFMS streamlines process from forwarding to warehousing giving real-time access to inventory status. “Once our customer starts forwarding, it can link to warehousing. So, our software provides trading partners with the visibility of cargo shipment and inventory status together via customer login at anytime and anywhere,” delineates Kim. As information transparency is one of the important factors in enhancing the overall performance, customers, suppliers, and over sea agents can access the shipment information and contribute their activities for updating their status using iFMS.

In an instance, one of Suntek’s clients, who imports consumer products from China for U.S. distributor, faced a business challenge in gaining visibility of activity in China before the vessel departure. They wanted to view the status through their Enterprise Resource planning (ERP) system. “We contacted their Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) service provider to receive their EDI specification and setup our solution to send shipping status to their EDI solution,” informs Kim. To get the activity status in China, Suntek provided their overseas partners with the web-based order management solution, which is built in iFMS. “Once overseas partners update the activity status at origin, our solution sends the origin status to customer’s ERP system,” adds Kim.

To thrive in the rising competition, the company adds additional features to the sales tools for trading partner customers. With its 20-year logistics industry experiences and IT technology background, the company has designed logistics solutions for the supply chain industry. “Our next big step might be the alliance with platform solution providers in various areas. To provide different solutions for our customers, we will cooperate with solution partners and will plan for destructive changes in the near future,” concludes Kim.