Systems Logic: App-like Visual Interface for Warehouse Management

Anthony Allwood, Founder and CEO, Systems LogicAnthony Allwood, Founder and CEO
With a vision to support small and midsized organizations untangle the complexities around technology, Systems Logic developed its own robust WMS, Wireless Warehouse in A BoxTM. Having extensive experience in Warehouse Management System (WMS) space, Anthony Allwood, Founder and CEO, Systems LogicTM, elucidates, “The tech-trends such as mobility and cloud continue to play an important role in WMS landscape.” Leveraging these current trends, Systems Logic, a Canadian company offers a complete real-time suite of products that provide organizations with the ability to manage inventory with mobile devices.

“These days it comes down to three ‘v’s; velocity, volume, and visibility, with distribution moving more and more towards Business-to-Consumer (B2C) every day, and away from the business-to-business (B2B). It means there is simply more information being processed in shorter periods of time and with less notice every day,” says Allwood. In order to ensure quick delivery of shipments, Systems Logic offers same day shipment facilities, moving away from traditional warehouse model. “The challenges associated with velocity are addressed by minimizing the need for additional solutions or middleware,”

“Today, complete visibility is required to maintain real-time inventory that can provide customer service staff and end consumers with clear, accurate and timely information of both inventory availability and order status, to the minute.” By delivering a broad range of products, Systems Logic allows clients to tailor their integrations, updates and notifications. The company has developed fully integrated and native tools such as their EDI solution EDIconnect, along with a complete LTL and small parcel rating and label compliance solution LTLconnect, and a client facing cloud portal CLOUDconnect, all of which can work in legacy and today’s web based environments. These tools ensure zero delays or complications in data handling between third party solutions. The company provides real-time visibility and flexibility to empower clients through one of the industry’s leading mobile technology that offers more than 85 percent of WMS capabilities, without large enterprise servers, and featuring a very interesting ‘push’ technology for product updates.

These days it comes down to supporting the three ‘v’s; velocity, volume, and visibility… It means there is simply more information being processed in shorter periods of time and with less notice every day

Systems Logic offers an extremely visual mobile app-like interface, and functions that are coupled with the ability to provide pictures of product, maps of the warehouse, or photos of inbound or outbound orders for the end client, while many technology still deliver a black screen and a flashing cursor.

One of the company’s customers, JJ Buckley one of Amrecia’s Top 10 online wine retailers was able to increase their order throughput by 50 percent without an increase in staff within one month of leveraging Systems Logic’s solution. The customer experienced an increased visibility and accuracy, while delivering unparalleled consumer satisfaction. Systems Logic also provided the customer with the tools to manage client owned inventory and complex serialization through which they were able to recapture thousands of dollars spent on lost inventory.

Allwood states that a large factor the company’s success has been their willingness to push the market and build great relationships with their many long term clients. Another factor is the company’s zero outsourcing policy, in which all products are designed, developed, deployed, and supported by Systems Logic’s staff in their Head Office. Through this approach, the company achieves high level of agility and gains the ability to ensure its clients’ success. In addition, Systems Logic facilitates guaranteed contacts to the clients that involve both financial and performance perspective. “We take the time to learn and understand our clients’ businesses to ensure a successful implementation, and not simply installation of the system,” says Allwood. Having maintained a strong customer base across North America, Systems Logic promises to continue to build on the same.