Infoplus Commerce: Streamlining Warehouse Management Processes

In the past few years, the warehouse management landscape has observed massive positive shifts in its workflow, particularly in the third-party logistics (3PLs) segment. 3PLs have acquired a huge customer base as more retailers are associating with them to fulfill their supply chain requirements in a cost-effective and productive manner. These associations raised the need for a management platform that supports the operations of both retailers as well as 3PLs along with administering their warehouses, orders, inventories, and shipment functions. A Missouri-based company, Infoplus Commerce specifically addresses all these needs through its warehouse management software, enabling retailers and 3PLs to streamline every aspect of their supply chain.

“We believe that software should be built in such a manner that it wraps around a business and its processes rather than making the business modify its operations around the software, which is the core of our offering. We are providing users the ability to seamlessly customize the warehouse management software based on their unique requirements,” says Garret Richardson, VP of client solutions at Infoplus Commerce.

Infoplus’ warehouse management software offers a one-stop shop solution to retailers and 3PLs, supporting each of their specific needs including the pick and pack methodology, parcel labeling, and shipping of goods. The company also enables users to track ad-hoc reporting, which allows the users, be it 3PLs or retailers, to monitor the inventory by tracking the transfer of goods from manufacturers to warehouses and then from these facilities to the point of sale. “Using ad-hoc reporting, users can create a matrix of explicit inventory functions they need to monitor specifically and get notified if something falls out of the norm,” explains Richardson.

The Infoplus warehouse management software has three fundamental features at its core including flexibility, data transparency, and intuitiveness.

We believe that software should be built in such a manner that it wraps around a business rather than making the business modify its operations around the software

The flexibility of the software allows users to tailor and modify it according to their needs, while data transparency provides them smooth access to all the data available in the software. The third key feature of Infoplus’ offering, intuitiveness makes the software user-friendly for the customers. All these attributes of the warehouse management software not only benefit users to supervise all the aspects of their inventory but also helps Infoplus deploy the software for its clients within a few weeks.

Infoplus’ team believes that the success of its clients is proportional to their own success, and one of the company’s clients, a high-volume e-commerce retailer’s success story best illustrates the same. The client was faced with the challenge of packing and shipping 8000 to 10,000 orders daily to the buyers, and at the same time, ensuring the quality of products to be shipped. Infoplus assisted the client by implementing its warehouse management software such that the client could not only ship a huge quantity of goods but also do it in a quality controlled manner, without compromising on the speed. “We learn about the inventory process management of our customers by engaging in a dialogue with them. It helps us understand their specific needs to devise a solution which works for them,” says Richardson.

The company is now aiming to grow its warehouse management solution steadily in the logistics market. And while on this journey of growth, Infoplus is also focusing on helping its customers develop their business.