Mantis: Creating the New DNA of WMS

Lee Rector, Executive VP, MantisLee Rector, Executive VP
Today, the demand for faster, better and smarter services is not limited to front-office operations alone. The trend is now trickling down to the warehouse level. Therefore, visibility into warehouse inventory has become the linchpin of a ‘faster, better and smarter’ service. Even though several warehouse management solutions (WMS) are currently catering to this rising market requirement, the implementation period of these WMS remains unreasonably lengthy. Many organizations, therefore, look at WMS implementation as a painstaking process. Amidst this challenging market landscape, the company that changes the way middle and upper markets view their WMS systems is Mantis, an international WMS/ logistics software and solutions vendor. The company offers its f lagship WMS/logistics platform software suite, Logistics Vision Suite (LVS). Marking a great leap in WMS technology, LVS offers true adaptability and outstanding f lexibility in a high-performance environment to help enterprises achieve quick return on investment (ROI) and lower total cost of ownership (TCO).

Leveraging the latest powerful technology, LVS provides the most appropriate logistics solution for an enterprise that manages and optimizes all activities of single and multi-site, private and public distribution centers, and improves productivity and efficiency of available resources such as labor, racking, forklifts, and material handling systems.

That being said, what makes Mantis’ WMS a cut above the rest, is its focus on warehouse optimization. The platform’s architecture and tools allow easy re-engineering of the warehouse processes and the optimization of the warehouse operations in real-time through task interleaving, task optimization, slotting, and more.

Furthermore, LVS is successfully integrated with major ERPs such as SAP, Oracle/JDE, Microsoft Dynamics, INFOR, Epicor/Scala, and more. Integration with these solutions makes Mantis’ LVS one of the most f lexible WMS. “The multiple modules within the LVS platform can be combined to create the most appropriate logistics solution for an enterprise,” states Lee Rector, Executive VP of Mantis.

With its warehouse automation system, Mantis offers a natively integrated, cost-effective, smart combination of systems and technologies, including vision picking, voice picking, pick/sort-to-light, pick-to-cart, RFID, and more

Leveraging the clout of these feature sets, today, Mantis caters to more than 480 enterprises from over 30 countries across market sectors like 3PLs/4PLs, retailers, distributors/wholesalers, and selling channels such as traditional and e-commerce. These enterprises rely on Mantis’ WMS solution to optimize their warehousing operations.

With its warehouse automation system, Mantis offers a natively integrated, cost-effective, smart combination of systems and technologies, including vision picking, voice picking, pick/sort-to-light, pick-to-cart, RFID, and more. To this extent, the company has built a dashboard with over 1400 KPIs offering users full visibility. “The old adage ‘if you don’t measure it, you can’t manage it’ really holds true within our system,” highlights Lee Rector. Users of Mantis can log into their WMS systems and monitor the performance of their employees or report on any array of factors in terms of usability, performance, individuals, clients—all of which are made easily visible to the warehouse manager.

When it comes to client engagement, Mantis starts the typical onboarding process with the fact-finding workshop to understand the needs and requirements of a prospective client and documents the possible course of action. Following this, Mantis maps out the warehouse management system as required. The implementation process usually takes 12 weeks to be completed. Highlighting the prowess and adaptability of Mantis’ software, Rector shares the story of a recent collaboration where the client saved hundreds of thousands of dollars by deploying LVS by Mantis. The client needed a suitable solution to capture product serial numbers at multiple levels along the production line. Once Mantis’ experienced consultants came on board, they provided the suitable solution within 10 days—a sharp contrast to the usual time-to-implementation period of 100-120 days.

Having already proven its mettle as the best of breed of WMS providers, Mantis is now poised to build up its global bandwidth through OEM partners or through direct partnerships and bring a full supply chain solution suite to the table. Mantis is planning to invest significantly in R&D and automation and build a complete labor management solution (LMS) to act on its ambitious goals. With its eyes set on such a high bar, Mantis is all set to push the envelope of the current WMS marketplace.

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Atlanta, GA

Lee Rector, Executive VP

Mantis, established in 1996, is an international WMS/logistics software and solutions vendor with European origins. With eight offices and many qualified partners, Mantis is present in more than 30 countries in Europe, North America, Middle East & Asia. More than 480 enterprises, many of them leading multinationals, representing all major industries (3PL, Retail, Distribution / Wholesales & Manufacturing) and selling channels (traditional & multichannel e-commerce), rely on LVS to run and optimize their logistics operations. LVS customers spread across many vertical markets, such as Consumer Products, Food & Beverage, Fashion, Pharmaceuticals & Medical, Cosmetics, Grocery Chains, Appliances & Electronics, Building Materials, Tobacco, Spare Parts & Accessories, Chemicals, Books & Office Supplies, Furniture, etc