Mantis: Spearheading WMS Innovations

Lee Rector, EVP, MAntisLee Rector, EVP
Warehouses are no more mere physical “storage spaces” for inventories. Breathing a new life into them, digitalization that has rendered warehouses as smart junctures aiding the logistics and supply chain. And as long as the IT-scape continues to evolve, the scope and value proposition of warehouse management will broaden. Being a longstanding solution provider in the space, Mantis has been a frontrunner in materializing this notion. Today, the company’s third-generation solutions represent a great leap in WMS technology, offering true adaptability and outstanding flexibility that is unique worldwide. Mantis’ enterprise-scale “self-serve” platform enables its customers with sophisticated warehouse operations, to easily configure, deploy, and support the WMS by themselves thus enjoying an excellent ROI and an unbeatable low multiyear TCO. It also empowers Mantis’ integrators to do fast and smooth WMS implementations and painless on-going support thus drastically increasing their overall profitability. The solution has proved its mettle in addressing the needs of 3PLs, e-commerce multichannel retailers and distributors, wholesalers, and manufacturers in several countries.

Moving beyond the “management” aspect, Mantis’ clients can leverage extended WMS capabilities including value added services, kitting, light manufacturing, dock & gate management, logistics customer and partner service through portals, parcel management, centralized control of local and remote warehouse resources, advanced slotting, labor management, inventory optimization, flexible 3PL billing, comprehensive traceability management and powerful warehouse analytics. “Mantis’ Warehouse Intelligence (WI) solution is a powerful BI system powered by Qlik Sense. It provides comprehensive warehouse business data analytics, by using a library of more than 250 dimensions, 1,800 measures, 350 readymade visualizations,” says Lee Rector, EVP at Mantis.

For delivering the optimization, the company strategically acquired Insight Group Technologies, Inc., a leading international Slotting and Warehouse Optimization software solutions vendor headquartered in Toronto.

We complement our advanced extended WMS with state-of-the-art warehouse data analytics, by using a library of more than 250 dimensions, 1,800 measures, 350 readymade visualizations

The company complements its software suite with affordable warehouse automations consisting of a smart combination of proven competitively priced systems and technologies (Voice Picking, Pick-to-Light, Put Walls, Smart Pick Carts, Smart Glasses, RFID, etc). Such automations have been tightly integrated with the company’s WMS platform using proprietary technology that significantly enhance automations’ overall performance while at the same time minimizes the costs due to the elimination of the relevant 3rd party control software.

With such a value-bound portfolio of offerings and experience, it is a no brainer that Mantis has, over the years, established itself as a true global entity, with offices in Georgia, Canada, Israel, Greece, Poland, Romania, Turkey and Cyprus, and an extensive network of qualified local partners present in more than 30 countries. More than 400 enterprises, most being leading multinationals that represent all major industries—3PL, e-commerce multichannel retailers and distributors, wholesalers, and manufacturers — rely on Mantis’ WMS to run and optimize their warehouse operations. The system has been successfully integrated with most major ERPs in the likes of SAP, Oracle/JDE, Microsoft Dynamics, etc., and many Material Handling Equipment such as Aberle, Gebhardt, Kardex, Haenel, Klinkhammer, Schaefer, Kabelmat, and Jungheinrich.

Mantis, through direct investment and acquisitions, continues to enhance its warehouse management, optimization automation solutions portfolio as well as accelerate its expansion in North America. The company also plans to strengthen its presence in the Middle East and Asia.