TransitionWorks Software: Warehouse Solutions to Improve Data Visibility

Debbie Shropshire, VP, Marketing and Operations, TransitionWorks SoftwareDebbie Shropshire, VP, Marketing and Operations
Manufacturers and distribution centers today are on a lookout for ways to gain complete visibility of their inventory to streamline and standardize their warehouse operations. To pace up with the rapidly changing workforce, global competition, and tighter margins, enterprises require real-time tracking, reporting, and notifications within their warehouses. “Whether it’s about maintaining accurate forecasting, optimizing loads, or determining the best delivery schedule, TransitionWorks helps warehouses run smarter,” begins Debbie Shropshire, VP, Marketing and Operations, TransitionWorks Software. ERP systems that are used across multiple business models, are complex in nature, yet firms spend a considerable amount of time and expenditure customizing their ERP and are still unable to determine in real-time where, and often how much of any item or component they have. If inventory or WIP is not visible; ordering, planning, and timely delivery all break down. Focusing at simplifying these quandaries in warehouse management, TransitionWorks automates shop floor processes by empowering material handlers and production workers to transact with the ERP and other back office systems in real-time through a single user interface in a secure, intuitive application at a fraction of ERP customization costs. “Automating business processes and seamless integration puts always accessible, up-to-date information in the hands of front-line personnel, enabling our customers to prevent mistakes, reduce inventory levels, lower operating costs, and mask complexities that exist within their ERP, resulting in greater visibility through the entire order fulfillment cycle,” explains Debbie.

The firm serves as warehouse management system provider by allowing companies to track their inventory, equipment, and personnel utilizations. “Our primary product—Inventory Visibility, tracks all forms of inventory, from raw materials to work in progress (WIP), to finished goods to shipments,” notes Debbie. The product automates the receiving, issuing, production, transferring, picking, shipping, and cycle counting processes. “Using this product, our customers can expand their functionality to include directed picking, directed put-away, quality control/reporting transactions, pallet and container tracking, shipment staging, and even a shipping load management console,” mentions Debbie.

Our primary product- Inventory Visibility, tracks all forms of inventory, from raw materials to work in progress (WIP), to finished goods to shipments

Adjacently, TransitionWorks is also known for performing asset tracking and equipment maintenance with its ‘Asset Visibility’ solution. “This solution provides enterprises a view of their corporate assets in real-time, including tooling on the production line, totes in the distribution center, equipment in the field, and scheduled asset maintenance,” extols Debbie.

The firm has helped several clients across diverse verticals with its warehouse management solutions. For instance, a consumer packaged goods manufacturer needed inventory accuracy improvement, allergen label verification, improved production planning and reporting, and 24/7 availability within their wireless environment. By using TransitionWorks’ Inventory Visibility solution, the customer’s shop floor production line operators and material handlers were able to issue materials and report production against manufacturing orders in real-time. The solution helped the manufacturer gain enhanced visibility of their inventory and also eliminated the need to re-key information into their ERP system. “We also facilitated their label printing logic and helped the client avoid product mislabeling by verifying that the correct label with the right allergen information was applied to the corresponding product packaging,” says Debbie.

TransitionWorks also specializes in developing mobile native app capabilities, allowing its users to communicate directly with ERP systems and access related information from their smartphone. “So far, we have focused on sales related apps, but over time we plan to provide native apps that run on smartphones and tablets used in the warehouse, maintenance, and field services operations,” delineates Debbie. TransitionWorks is all set to forge forward by integrating their products with several other ERP systems, and focusing on building a global brand name by serving many multi-national companies.