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Top 10 Warehouse Management Consulting/Services Companies - 2020

With evolving logistic demands, the use of WMS has increased. From embedded WMS in ERP to cloud based applications, there are hundreds of technologies and today, warehouse managers have many options to choose from.

However, a major portion of warehousing activities and processes around the industry are still carried out manually. But with the onset of certain remarkable technologies such as cloud software, virtual and augmented reality, robots, IoT, and of course wearable devices have brought about a tremendous transition in the warehousing arena. Soon, artificial intelligence, predictive analytics, and big data are going to make a huge shift in the way warehousing processes work at present.

The thought that the warehousing industry will be bustling with drones and robots seemed like a near-impossible idea few years back. With changing times

drones and robots monitoring warehouse activities have become a reality. It's almost unimaginable to carry out the day-to-day work within the warehouses without the help of such technologies. By integrating voice technology with the WMS, warehouse operators will able to interact with the WMS with the help of an internet connection and headset. Mobile technology has become an inseparable part of our lives, but the technology and its various forms have diverse uses inside the warehouse.

Our goal with this edition is to feature such warehouse management solution and service providers who are at the forefront of revolutionizing the space through their top-notch technology. We hope this issue of the Logistics Tech Outlook helps you build the partnership you and your firm need to foster technologically-driven supply chain processes.

We present to you “Top 10 Warehouse Management Consulting/Services Companies - 2020.”

    Top Warehouse Management Consulting/Services Companies

  • Offers a range of integration and implementation services to help warehouse managers leverage the disparate capabilities of their tech-based deployments and gain maximum ROI.The company’s portfolio includes services for vendor selection alongside designing, implementing, and executing a new-age WMS solution in a client’s business and IT journey. Apart from these services, the company also offers automation solutions, including the deployment of autonomous mobile robots to enhance warehouse management mechanisms and optimize stockroom operations. This end-to-end approach to warehouse management adopted by ITOrizon gives the company a competitive edge over its contemporaries that only have a limited idea of tailored WMSs. Considering such an illustrious service portfolio, Gartner has also recognized ITOrizon as a specialty consulting firm for its success in the supply chain and system integration realm


  • Stellium provides groundbreaking solutions and services to revolutionize the supply chain and manufacturing space by intelligently connecting people, goods, and systems. The company has a home-grown product by the name LightHouse, which focuses exclusively on demand and supply chain planning. Stellium Lighthouse helps business entities to lower the cost of ownership with pre-built connectors to ERP systems, accelerated deployment models, and superior performance. The system is reasonably customizable and can function as per a client’s need and as an end-to-end solution. At present, Stellium is working to integrate artificial intelligence and machine learning with the supply chain suite to derive value from the data that lies in silos


  • 4SIGHT


    4SIGHT specializes in supply chain consulting, engineering, and information technology. The business’s seasoned professionals average more than 19 years of experience helping companies across all industries solve their distribution, fulfillment, and transportation challenges. Some of the enterprise’s specialties include supply chain software and technology evaluation and selection, transportation optimization, supply chain software, and technology implementation, operations improvement consulting, warehouse & dc design & engineering, and engineered labor standards development. 4SIGHT partners with HighJump, JDA, and Manhattan Associates to deliver successful supply chain transformation projects

  • Distribution Design

    Distribution Design

    Distribution Design is a leading provider of logistics, distribution, and warehousing consulting services. The focus of Distribution Design’s work is to create value for its client. Each project is different, but the operational results expected from a Distribution Design assignment are typically to improve order cycle time, order accuracy, productivity, inventory accuracy, inventory accuracy, capacity, throughput, and others. The business’s mission is to design integrated logistics operations and systems that are unique to their client’s business and soundly-based on rigorous operational analysis

  • EPG


    Ehrhardt + Partner Group (EPG) is the leading international expert in warehouse logistics. Founded in 1987, EPG has established itself as an internationally active company group with over 530 employees at 14 locations. Together with its subsidiaries, the business offers integrated overall solutions for warehouse logistics from a single source. The Group’s range of products consists of the warehouse management system (WMS), warehouse planning and consulting, pick-by-voice and radio data transmission solutions, material flow controllers, unique customer-specific solutions, and warehouse seminars. Well-grounded technical warehouse advice, comprehensive expertise in warehouse logistics, professional project management, short project terms, reliable support, and an initial start-up deadline, which can be planned precisely to the daily round of the company group’s range of services

  • LeanCor Consulting

    LeanCor Consulting

    LeanCor is a trusted supply chain partner that specializes in lean principles to deliver operational improvement through measured results — founded in 2005 by Robert Martichenko, the company to meets the logistics needs of lean manufacturers. Robert realized that it was time to extend the existing lean programs and start connecting lean and operational excellence principles to partners within the supply chain. LeanCor’s three integrated divisions – LeanCor Training and Education, LeanCor Consulting, and LeanCor Logistics (3PL) – help organizations eliminate waste, drive down costs, and build a culture of operational excellence

  • Logisticus Group

    Logisticus Group

    Logisticus Group is a privately owned limited liability corporation specializing in innovative transportation, project management, and technology solutions. The company has supported projects throughout North and South America. Logisticus’ processes, technology, personnel, and business model deliver a predictable, controlled, efficient, and expedited project. The company’s customized services are designed to De-Risk its client’s projects while providing a ‘white-glove’ level of service that is unmatched in the industry. Logisticus’ technology solutions team specializes in creating customized logistics, inventory tracking, and transportation management software for its customers, delivering value and efficiency across the entire supply chain

  • RAK Logistics

    RAK Logistics

    RAK Logistics comprises of 6 different organizations located in 5 countries that came together to create a global logistics organization serving over 50 countries across the globe. The company’s vision is to be a leading warehouse and distribution company that can support all aspects of its client's supply chain from international to domestic transport. RAK employs over 500 trained logistician and local entrepreneurs, in an expanding worldwide network of locations. RAK Logistics has been developed with a key market focus in the United States, The Netherlands, United Arab Emirates, and ASEAN

  • The Raymond Corporation

    The Raymond Corporation

    The Raymond Corporation, a Toyota Industries Corp. company, is a leading global provider of best-in-class material handling products and intelligent intralogistics solutions that optimize its client’s entire operation, deliver actionable insights, and transform operations through automation. The company provides technologies, systems, and solutions that bring day-to-day warehouse and distribution operations to a new level of performance, supporting its customers with a network of skilled services unmatched in the industry. The Raymond Corporation’s combined operational excellence, award-winning innovation, and world-class customer support help its customers run better and manage smarter

  • Westernacher Consulting

    Westernacher Consulting

    Westernacher Consulting operates worldwide, with consultants in Europe, Asia, and the U.S. Founded in 1969, Westernacher has comprehensive industry expertise in manufacturing, logistics services, retail and consumer goods, life sciences, and utilities. Westernacher provides global business and SAP consulting, serving medium to large-sized enterprises striving for innovation, operational excellence, and profitable, sustainable growth. The company’s business expertise ranges from enterprise resource planning, sales, e-commerce, procurement, manufacturing, warehouse logistics, and transportation, after-sales service, and spare parts management to business analytics, finance, and HCM. Westernacher delivers end-to-end value through innovation process and technology consulting plus a range of other services